Have you seen those commercials for the doughnut that “makes a perfect hair bun every time in seconds!”. I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to pay are-you-kidding-me dollars for something I can make in 3 seconds.

I have a pile of mismatched socks thanks to my puppy, brother, and the trolls that live in the drier and eat socks. And these spare socks my friends are excellent for making the perfect bun. 

Just take a sweat sock, cut it just above the ankle and roll it into a doughnut. put your hair into a ponytail wherever you want to have the bun, top of the head, lower back of your head, anywhere. Pull your hair through the hole in the rolled sock, bring it to the top of your ponytail and just roll it down, tucking your hair in as you go. finish it with some hairspray and ta-da! the perfect bun.

click here for photo instructions that I didn’t make myself.

note: my hair is just below my collar bone, so even if you don’t have really long hair this still works great!

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