Lately I’ve been cleaning up my room, & I realized that there’s a bunch of stuff I don’t really need. For the Clothes & shoes part, things don’t fit me, or I got unwanted presents). For the books and DVDs part, I either have things twice or I got unwanted presents). For the Etc part, I don’t like these things/don’t suit my skintone/not my style. For the Grand Finale, my dad got a new Macbook, so he gave me this one, but I already have one so. I will pay for all shipping!

What do I have to do to enter?

You must be following me (Chill-ax), you can’t delete this from your blog, you can reblog up to FIVE times, do not LIKE OR YOU’LL BE DISQUALIFIED. I’ll use to choose, so EVERYONE HAS AN EQUAL CHANCE.  

What will I get if I win?

Clothes & shoes:

  • Bright Neon Yellow Jeans (Zara 50€)  new
  • Hot Pink Jeans (H&M 25€) new
  • Striped White & Blue Mini Shorts (Forever21 20€) 
  • Peachy Pink Circle Scarf (American Apparel 41€)  new
  • Black Glossy Doc Martens (Doc Marten 180€) new
  • Silver Sparkle Uggs (Ugg 200€) 

Books & DVDs:

  • The Hunger Games Part I (20€) new
  • The Princess Trap (10€) new
  • Nutella Recipe Book (6new
  • Bride Wars DVD (10€) new (It’s french but you can also watch it in English)


  • Revlon Lip Gloss (15€) new 
  • Nars Blush Deapthroat (20€) new 
  • American Apparel Glitter Nail polish (10new 
  • Maybelline New York Color Sensational Nail polish (10€) new 
  • Chanel Pink Nail polish (50€)
  • Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain (free) new 
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce (Men) (60€)  
  • Kiss Fake Lashes (15€) new 
  • Glitter Blackberry 8520 Cover (15€)
  • Sephora Professional  Contour Brush (25€) new
  • Clip-in Hairbow (6€)

Grand Finale (If this reached 1k notes): MACBOOK PRO 13 inch. MEMORY FULLY WIPED OUT. 

Good luck xx

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